Holiday Organizing

Great organizing tips for the holidays at

Organizing for the Holidays

Organizing for the Holidays

A Box with Dividers for Fragile Ornaments

A segmented cardboard box — whether store-bought or a wine box — is great for sturdier ornaments. Our editors recommend cardboard boxes, which don’t trap moisture as plastic bins do. If possible, avoid storing decorations in the basement or attic, where humidity and temperature fluctuate throughout the year. Instead, opt for a closet or under a bed.

Easy Storing for Christmas Lights

Next year, don’t spend a minute sorting through tangled webs of holiday decorations. Keep lights organized by winding each strand around a piece of cardboard cut to fit inside a plastic bin.


Ribbon card holders descend from extra-large tuxedo bows, bound tightly in the middle f

or a billowing effect; cards slide into “pockets.”

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