Sizing sconce guidelines

Found these helpful tips to properly size sconces for your bath from  The standard guideline to install sconcIMG_9125es is at eye- level, approximately 66″ from the floor.  Sconces are the ideal way to achieve the even, shadow-free light that’s desirable near the vanity. Depending on the fixture type, you can mount lights on the wall flanking the mirror, or even on the mirror. Choose sconces with light-filtering material, shades or opal glass that help to minimize glare. Here are 4 more easy-to-follow guidelines:

1. Install sconces at eye-level, approximately 66” from the floor (standard guideline).

2. Depending on the amount of light the sconces cast, position them so that the horizontal beams overlap (typically 28” to 40” apart) and produce even, shadow-free light.

3. To illuminate a double vanity, provide each sink with its own individual light source.

4. A minimum of 150 watts should be used to illuminate the vanity and it’s always safest to select fixtures that provide the maximum amount of light. If you find that there is too much light, either use lower wattage bulbs or install a dimmer. It is always easier to reduce the lamping than to try and increase the amount of light once the fixture is installed.

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