Green Thinking in Sub- Zero Products

Interesting facts about about Sub- Zero products from  How is it that even Sub-Zero’s largest refrigerator consumes less power than a 100-watt light bulb? Dual refrigeration is one reason. Two compressors share the work, so each does its job with minimal effort. The heavy-gauge steel cabinet is fully insulated, and doors seal magnetically, locking in cold air and keeping down energy costs.  Sub- Zero’s increasingly showing their commitment to sustainable living through the choices we make at home, on the road, and in the store. They are motivated to act as stewards-not just users-of the plant, its people, and its resources. Sub-Zero and Wolf strive to offer consumers choices that support this commitment to living green.

Sub-Zero has been committed to being compatible with the environment since its inception more than 60 years ago. As pioneers in Dual Refrigeration, Sub-Zero knows that its operating system is the best in the industry, created to keep food fresher while using less energy in the long run.

  • Research as shown that the average family throws away more than $600 annually with single compressor units. With Sub-Zero Dual Refrigeration, that number is cut in half.
  • Sixteen of Sub-Zero’s more popular units-BI-36R, the BI-36F, BI-36U, BI-42S, BI-48S, 736TFI, IC-27R, 700BR, 700BC, UC-24R, and UC-24RO-that are Energy Star compliant.
  • 75% of stainless steel and 30% galvanized steel used in Sub-Zero’s products are made from recycled materials.
  • All scrap plastic used in manufacturing is reused, while 50 percent of the plastic used in the units is recycled content.
  • Sub-Zero’s manufacturing facilities use a chilled water storage system to charge building cooling systems at night when utilities are operating most efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Sub-Zero works with numerous vendors to ensure their compliance and adherence to “green” initiatives. One of the more innovative programs involves Sub-Zero’s printers of literature and shipping containers and the Forest Stewardship Council to prevent the depletion of our national forests.

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of Sub-Zero responsibility to our environment. All Sub-Zero refrigeration is manufactured in the United States. None of the manufacturing facilities are located outside of the United States. And when you consider the carbon footprint of Sub-Zero’s products, the brand is second to none.

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