Color Schemes

Great ideas for living room color schemes from Better Homes and Gardens.  A color scheme can set the tone for your living room. Get inspired by these color combinations to find a fresh look for your own living room.

Moroccan Kelly Green + Brick Red + Earthy Browns



A fearless combination of colors and design styles gives this family-friendly living room its edge. The Moroccan-inspired diamond print of the pillows on the window seats and the green chair serves as the jumping-off point for the room’s color scheme, guiding the selection of the other pillows, curtains, and the accent furniture, such as the tables and pouf. The exotic colors stand in juxtaposition to the room’s traditional coffered ceiling and rustic stacked-stone fireplace, proving that mixing and matching styles can be done.

Warm traditional: Peachy Yellow + Chartreuse + Oatmeal




The right color scheme can give traditional style a fresh update. Drawing on a foundation of traditional elements, such as white trim and beaded board, classic furniture shapes, and antique accents, an infusion of color gives this living room its own persona. The muted peachy yellow is a fail-proof alternative to basic beige. Repeating an accent color, in this case chartreuse, throughout a space delivers continuity. A consistent use of oatmeal white, on the sofa, rug, and dining room chairs, also provides a sturdy base for the room.

13 Easy to Grow Vegetables

Found this useful list on Martha Stewart’s website.

Every new gardener wants a thriving harvest. These easy-to-grow varieties, whose flavors range from hot to sweet, are a wise choice for a successful first-time garden.

‘Black Seeded Simpson’ loose-leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an heirloom that matures early in the season with a tender texture and delicate flavor.

‘Bush Champion’ cucumber (Cucumis sativus) has a compact habit that allows it to thrive in containers, producing crisp, bright-green fruits in abundance.

‘Carnival’ sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum) produces sweet, mild peppers in a range of cheerful colors. For a hot pepper, ‘Jalapeno M’ has an intense, medium-hot flavor and is suitable for containers.

‘Chioggia’ beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris), an Italian heirloom, is also known as a striped beet for its globe-shaped, mild-flavored red-and-white flesh.

‘Danvers Half Long’ carrot (Daucus carota ssp. sativus), a popular heirloom, has an excellent flavor and doesn’t require deep soil.

‘Early French Breakfast’ radish (Raphanus sativus) is a heat-tolerant heirloom radish with superior crunch.

‘Fordhook Giant’ Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) is an easy-to-grow, heat-resistant heirloom that does not bolt; it has a mild flavor.

‘Kentucky Wonder Brown’ bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), an heirloom with a distinctive flavor, has been popular since the mid-19th century.

‘Rosa Bianca’ eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a sweet-flavored Italian heirloom with lovely creamy flesh.

‘Saffron’ summer squash (Curcurbita pepo) grows on a productive, bushy plant that provides an early harvest.

‘Sugar Ann’ pea (Pisum sativum) is an award-winning snap pea that grows in a bush form and doesn’t require staking.

‘Super Sweet 100’ cherry tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) produces an abundance of candy-sweet, bite-size tomatoes all season. For a slicing tomato, plant ‘Brandywine,’ one of the most popular heirlooms for its large, flavorful, nonacidic fruits. For sauces, choose ‘San Remo’ paste tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), an Italian heirloom with intense flavor, few seeds, and a high sugar content.

‘Teton’ spinach (Spinacia oleracea) tolerates heat better than other spinach cultivars, making it a three-season crop in temperate climates.

Construction Projects

Phoenix Design Construction


Phoenix Design Construction

Phoenix Design Construction

DK Larr & Co/ Phoenix Design Construction specializes in design build, home organization, and relocation management. 

Design Build (by Phoenix-a subsidiary of DK Larr & Co)
D K Larr & Co is expanding. Our clients asked for more and we listened. D K Larr & Co, will now be called Phoenix Design and Construction. We will still design the project, professionally organize your home, assist with local and national moves or any relocation, and NOW offer design/build options. Providing a team of professionals to work with your project from start to finish will assure a seamless transition without the hassle of finding the right person to bring your vision to life.  For more information or to read helpful tips on my blog, visit

Mudroom/ Entry Storage

Entry Storage

Entry Storage

Here’s 8 Tips forn Effective Entryway Storage from Better Homes and Gardens

When planning a mudroom, think about how your family lives, and design a space to fit those needs. Here are 8 ideas to consider:

1. Choose a location carefully. 
The most common spot for a mudroom is just inside the garage or off the driveway, but consider other places as well. Just make sure the location matches your needs.

2. Make it work. 
A mudroom does not have to be a single room; it can be a cluster of hardworking spaces. An adjacent pantry, laundry room, and/or closet for brooms, mops, vacuums, and cleaning supplies will create a center for household management.

3. Take inventory. 
List the things your family takes in and out of the house every day, and then outfit the space accordingly. Include a cabinet, cubby, locker, or set of hooks for each family member. Additional cabinets for miscellaneous items come in handy too.

4. Get organized. 
Include a message center or even a desk area. Save space with a cabinet that combines a chalkboard on the front and a bulletin board inside. You’ll have a convenient communication hub and get all those flyers off the refrigerator.

5. Focus on durability.
Stone or tile floors and laminate cabinets will look good after years of exposure to wet raincoats and muddy boots.


6. Charge it. 
Be sure to create a spot for recharging your family’s cell phones, beepers, and other electronic equipment.


7. Remember your friends. 
Include a few extra hooks for your friends’ coats and bags. Add a bench as a comfortable perch for putting on and taking off shoes.


8. Plan for pets.
Hooks for leashes and baskets for toys will come in handy. A boot wash can double as a bathing spot for Fido.



Move in Ready

7 Ways to Make your Home Move in Ready by Erika Napoletao

Ever heard the phrase, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?” When it comes to selling your home and boosting curb appeal to the widest range of buyers, the distance you need to think about is far less than a mile: it simply runs from your front curb to your back fence. The moment you even begin to think of putting your home up for sale is the time to start thinking like a buyer.


Because thinking like a buyer will help you make your home move-in ready for just the right buyer (or maybe even a bevy of bidding buyers). The less they think they have to change, the shorter the distance will be between the viewing, their offer, and the day you say, “Sold.”

  1. Host a pre-listing party. Invite a few (and I mean a few) trusted friends over for an inventory. Make some cocktails and go from room to room in your home asking what they would either (A) change if they were to buy your house, or (B) see as a red flag if they were a potential buyer. This can give you an extra set of non-real-estate-influenced eyes on your home and help you create a solid list of potential improvements to discuss with your Realtor before you list.
  2. Consult with a great agent. Now that you have your friends’ opinions, run them by an expert.  See which problems you should address before listing and which fixes won’t be of financial benefit.  If you don’t have an agent yet, try using trulia website; it’ll give you a free estimate of your home’s value and connect you with an agent who can help you sell your home.
  3. De-clutter. Closets get full. Extra pieces of furniture get crammed into corners. Bookshelves overflow with odds and ends. Help the potential buyers see your actual home and not the stuff in your home by moving out the extras. Every closet in your home should show off the entirely of the storage space. Every room of your home should scream “possibilities” instead of “I can’t fit one more thing in here.” Try renting a portable storage unit that can be delivered to your home. This way, you can box up extras, and they’ll be ready to be delivered to your next dream home. In the meantime, you’ll be making room for someone else’s dreams.
  4. Clean out the garage. The future owners of your home want to know that their cars can fit into the garage. While it might seem harsh (and everyone you know uses the garage for storage), no one wants to see the garage filled to the brim with bike parts, boxes, and haphazard clutter. Remember that portable storage unit? Move it on out and make some room for folks to imagine parking their dream car on the left hand side.
  5. Think neutral. It’s hard for potential buyers to see themselves in a home that has you written all over it. This goes for brightly painted walls, wall murals, and wallpaper trim. Since your home is soon to not be your home anymore, consider taking any brightly or bold-colored walls or those areas with specialty wallpaper or mural trim back to neutral.  A simple beige satin wall paint with a semi-gloss white or off-white pain trim can do wonders for giving potential buyers the “blank canvas” feeling. You want future owners to be dreaming of picking out paint — not how to get rid of not-right-for-them color decisions.
  6. Grout, tile, and natural stone restoration. Have your bathrooms and kitchen counters lost their luster? You might want to look into having them refreshed (and it’s much less expensive than having them redone). Check sites like Angie’s List for contractors in your area offering deals for natural stone, tile, and grout restoration. For not a lot of money, you can kick up the shine on your tiling and counters and get that long-neglected grout back to clean. That “exploding pizza” incident in your kitchen and that red hair dye on your white bathroom grout could be history in an afternoon — and on a dime.
  7. Make those hardwood floors spiffy. Send the kids off to the park and the pets off to doggie daycare for the day, and get those floors gleaming. Wash all surfaces with a simple mild, soapy water first (avoid Murphy’s Oil Soap — it leaves a residue). Next, use a hardwood floor polish like Bona or a product like Rejuvenate to bring the beauty back — and all for under $40-$50 for the average sized home. Be sure to use the cleaners recommended by each product to prevent buildup and to keep the shine going through your whole listing. There’s nothing that can kill a deal like your perfect buyer thinking that they have to refinish a few thousand square feet of hardwood. Help them see hope, not hardwood-related dollar signs. A trip to your local home improvement store can yield some recommendations for your specific types of floors and the desired sheen you want to achieve.