Man Cave

Man Cave

Man Cave

The “Real” Man Cave

Most think of the “Man Cave” as that off the beaten track area that has three primary ingredients: seating, a huge TV and a fridge. Seriously, what else do we need?

But, there is another, and I will go out on a limb by stating, more important. Our work space. It’s a special space that WE own! Some of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated space for the “true man cave”. But the garage is usually a dual purpose space: tools, power equipment, bikes, mowers, cords, those things-in-bags-that-we-really-have-no-clue-as-to-their-contents, etc. Oh, and maybe a car or two

This space is critical for two reasons: first, everything we need is there (or we think it is), and two, we can’t find it.

Having just done this, I have a few tips:

– Separate tools, fasteners, adhesives and tapes from everything else. The “true man-cave” must be tool friendly. If you can’t find it, you can’t use it.
– Conceptualize a space for everything else but start with the tools.

Most of us have at least one wall and one of those great Craftsman tool chests. Even if you don’t have the chest, but have a wall, you are golden. Peg-board! Install a peg-board, which is a simple task. Buy a variety of hooks/hangers and then the fun begins. Take all your tools and lay them out (guys and tools – it doesn’t get much better!). Hammers, wrenches, drivers, tape rolls, socket sets, fastener containers, chisels and cords, for example, can all be hung neatly and orderly on the peg-board. For those few allowed in this “true man-cave”, LABEL each area so others have no choice but to put the tool in question in the exact right spot. For example, don’t label something “adjustable wrenches” but rather ADJUSTABLE WRENCHES!

The peg-board system is brilliantly designed: rectangular/square sheets with a bunch of holes in them plus a variety of hangers. Pretty much everything you have (other than power tools) can be hung-up in a way that is easily located each and every time. When you can not find something you know should be in a certain spot, there is lots of blame to be distributed.

If you can organize your tools, life is much simpler. Then you can move around your space and find the other things you are looking for. Having the skill saw case next to the SCUBA tank makes no sense. So you can organize. What makes the “true man cave” a bit difficult is when one is not able to find the smaller items, which get scattered – TOOLS! For those things that don’t lend themselves to hanging, this is where the Craftsman chest comes in. Label each drawer and there it is.

Now for everything else – everything else is simply in the way of the tools, but needs space nonetheless, like the car.

Use peg-board and inexpensive shelving from places like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, and so forth. It REALLY helps.

One word of caution; don’t over think it! It really doesn’t matter if the hammers and mallets are right next to each other. It just needs to make sense to you.

Good Luck!

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