Advice on Organizing your Home and Family

Home Organization

Home Organization

Advice from an experienced Wife/Mother

Did you know that if you organized your drawers, you can fit more clothes, and flatware than if you just tossed everything in???  For instance: take your husband’s boxer shorts……..if you leave it up to him to put his own underwear away, the drawer won’t shut!!  Try folding then rolling each item and line them up next to his socks.  Amazing!!!  Do the same with his socks: tuck the leg opening of one into the other, then roll the pair sausage like.  Again, amazing!  There is a lot of air space wasted when stuffing clean laundry away.  Take this to your flatware drawer.  Again, stacking spoons and forks save so much space.  Knives are more tricky, so only do this with dinner knives: place half with handles facing and half with handles away.

~Submitted by: RWL

Esquire advice on personal organizing

Hi Diana:  The other thing we do for organizing our mail is to use a three drawer vertical small chest that we bought from Pier One. It’s made of wrought iron with three baskets.  Danny and I each have a drawer and the bottom one is for filing. When the mail comes in, we sort it by throwing out junk mail and depositing the rest into the drawers.

~Submitted by: MK

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