Tank-less Water Heaters

Money Saving Tips to Save Energy and Save Water from homedepot.com

Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in the home.  Switching to a tank-less water heater cannot only save you money on your utility bills, but also reduce your consumption of water.  By heating water only when you need it, ENERGY STAR® qualified tank-less water heaters save the typical family more than $100 per year on gas bills compared to a standard storage model.  Larger families can save even more.  Nearly 90% of the energy used by your washer is spent heating water.  To cut cost washing clothes, use cold water.  ENERGY STAR® qualified gas tank-less water heaters also cut water heating expenses by 30%, while providing continuous hot water delivery.  Gas tank-less models are a great choice for new construction and major remodeling, but are also becoming popular as a replacement for gas storage water heaters.  ENERGY STAR® certified water heaters use 14 to 55 percent less energy than equipment that meets the minimum federal standard.

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