3 Tips for Moving a Refrigerator

Handy tips from AirportAppliance.com

If you are moving in the near future, you will have to go through the process of deciding which items to take to your new place and which ones will be left behind. When it comes to major household appliances, chances are you will want to hang on to your refrigerator. This means you’ll have to find a way to transport it safely and successfully. Moving a refrigerator on your own can be a major task, so you should follow a few guidelines to help make the entire process as easy as possible.

Here are a few tips for moving your refrigerator:

  • Empty it out: Before you even unplug the appliance to move it, you need to clear all food and drink out. Not only will this substantially reduce the weight – making it easier to move around – it will also prevent messes that would be caused by the items jostling around. Besides, the food would likely spoil in a warm refrigerator.
  • Remove parts: If you are having trouble fitting the refrigerator through doorways, you can solve the problem by taking off parts that are removable. Handles and doors can be taken off and put back on at a later time, and removing them can help make the machine more maneuverable, as well as lighter.
  • Use a dolly: Unless you happen to possess superhuman strength, you won’t be able to lift up the extremely heavy appliance on your own. Make sure that you use a dolly – as well as the help of some willing friends or family – to transport the refrigerator.

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