Make Your Laundry Room More Fun and Efficient

Interesting laundry room ideas from

Eight Ways to Make Your Laundry Room More Fun and Efficient

September 16, 2014 By Karen Egly-Thompson

1. Pick up some colorful canvas boat bags from L.L. Bean or Lands End to sort your clothes. If you do use a laundromat, they’ll be already sorted and ready to carry. You can add a luggage-style tag to your bag with your name and contact information on it for an easier, faster dry cleaning drop off to boot.










2. Free up space in your cabinet by using a simple door-mounted shoe rack to organize all of your cleaning and ironing supplies. They’ll be at arm’s reach and easy to spot.










3. Add some useful artwork! Laundry room space can be limited, so you may as well make your wall accessories do double duty by actually helping you out. These two adorable pieces collect spare change and odd socks.

















4. Anchor a simple two-prong coat hook to the wall to hang your ironing board.








5. Install a wall-mounted mailbox for easy lint collection.










6. Opt for attractive detergent containers. Vintage-style glass jars are much more attractive than the neon plastic containers and are easier to dispense. Here, Ashley Phipps of Simply Designing created these out of Mason drink dispensers and made chalkboard tags for each.








7. Add some cheery color….Dip the tips of wooden clothespins in acrylic paint. Just be sure to dip the handle end versus the clip end!








8. Use paint swatches to facilitate laundry sorting. Here the bloggess behind where Do we find the time used paint swatches from Lowes and stick-on labels made on her computer to designate sorting hues for her laundry baskets. She says her previous single hamper, which appeared to be throwing up clothes, has evolved into a sorting game for her family.

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