Some More Ways to Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home from

19. Camouflage an oddly placed light switch plate with a photo gallery.










20. Hang a black drop cloth behind your desk to hide a tangled mass of wires.

This couple used Bucky Ball magnets to affix the cloth, making this a supremely easy DIY.


















21. Turn a low drawer into a pet-feeding hutch.









22. Spray-paint your folding chairs.

Metal folding chairs, for whatever reason, usually come in that weird ugly brown color. Make them fun and bright with a little spray paint.








23. Instead of your standard garment rack, opt for a ceiling rope-hung rack instead.










24. Turn those nettlesome basement poles into stately columns with molding.

And paint them an accent color. It’ll look totally striking in a mostly white room.














25. You can actually paint any ugly tile floors you’re not crazy about.










26. Buy or sew your own crate cover for the pup.










27. Stash peek-a-boo plants in your cinder blocks.










28. Install a rolling recycling bin in your kitchen counter or island.








29. Update your garage door with a fresh coat of paint.

Bonus points if it matches the shutters.










30. Easily update your boring built-in bathtub with airstone.










31. Transition your backsplash into the wall seamlessly with a shelf bracket.










32. Keep your charging station in a kitchen or nightstand drawer, just by drilling some holes.









33. If you have popcorn ceilings, you can actually scrape the “popcorn” off.

It IS a labor-intensive project, and make sure you get tested for asbestos before you begin. Many homes built before 1978 have ceilings that contain asbestos.
















34. Use hooks underneath your desk to keep wires out of the way.










35. Upholster your unsightly box springs with fabric and a staple gun.











36. Give your kitchen appliances a stainless steel makeover with stainless steel contact paper.

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