Diagnose Appliance Problems With Fault C

Diagnose Appliance Problems With Fault Codes
When you see a code number flashing, look it up in the owner’s manual or at the manufacturer’s Web site, or check the online appliance repair sites. Armed with a diagnosis and a make and model number, you can purchase the right part from a supplier and make the fix yourself. Or at least save some time on the service call by letting the repair service know what they’ll need to bring along to make the fix.
~The Family Handyman
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Iron Out Dents and Scratches Lay a damp

Iron Out Dents and Scratches
Lay a damp cloth over each bruise and press a hot iron down on the cloth. The steam causes the wood fibers to swell and fill the dent. Keep the iron pressed down until you hear steam and see it coming out of the cloth. For deeper dents that don’t disappear with the first ironing, push a pin into the area while it’s still damp. This will allow steam to penetrate a little more during a second ironing and swell the crushed wood fibers.
~The Family Handyman
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Transform Your Closet: 1. Sort your item

Transform Your Closet:
1. Sort your items and get rid of things that you know you will never wear again.
2. Display your favorite pieces.
3. Add a garment valet rod to plan outfits.
4. Invest in thin hangers for more space
5. Use a tie rack to display necklaces.
6. Use kid hangers for your pants to save space.
~ graceful order
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