Having friends or family over for the ho

Having friends or family over for the holiday?

6 Tips to Create an Inviting Porch
1 Furniture extras Make it easy to linger by adding end tables convenient to each seating area and softening the rockers, gliders and other seats with throw pillows and cushions.
2 Up and down Add an outdoor rug for barefoot comfort. Try painting ceilings sky blue to create an uplifting sense of larger space.
3 Privacy Block unwanted views (and reduce wind) with curtains and screens. Tall potted plants, such as bamboo, or a trellis with a climbing vine also work.
4 Light Candles add evening romance (and pest control if they’re citronella), but strings of twinkle lights also add mood without the hassle or concerns of open flames. Installing dimmable recessed lights overhead provides flexibility. Garden lights connect porch to yard and invite twilight strolls.
5 Sound Mask neighborhood noises with the soothing sound of a burbling fountain. The variety of designs—from floor size to tabletop—means one will fit your porch style.
6 Warmth Outdoor heaters are an investment, but they may buy a dozen extra evenings that would be too chilly otherwise.
~Midwest Living

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