If you have small children or pets that

If you have small children or pets that chew up your garden, you might want to consider removing these from your garden:
1. Oleander – The biggest offender of all, ingesting even a single leaf can be lethal to a small child.
2. Bleeding Heart – Roots and leaves are toxic to pets and humans if eaten in large amounts.
3. Rhododendron – All parts are fatal if ingested.
4. Azalea – All parts are fatal if ingested though human fatalities are rare.
5. Wisteria -Entire plant is toxic causing nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea if eaten.
6. Chrysanthemum – Did you know the flower heads are toxic to animals?
7. Lilly of the Valley – All parts are toxic, especially the leaves if eaten in large quantities. Even the water you put the cut flowers in contains traces of a toxin that can intensify heart’s contractions.
8. Hydrangea – All parts are toxic if eaten, the worst being the buds. They say, swallowing hydrangea is like popping a cyanide pill.
9. Poinsettia – The milky sap found in the veins of the plant is poisonous to pets.
10. Lantana – Berries are toxic, especially when they are green.
11. Foxgloves – Sucking the flowers, eating the seeds or stems or leaves can be fatal.
12. Begonia – Toxic to cats and dogs.
~Whats Ur Home Story

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